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MiCloud Office Phones & Apps

MiCloud 6873 Cloud Phone

Mitel MiCloud 6873 SIP Phone

The Mitel 6873 SIP phone is made for executives, it has a 7″ full colour touch screen display and is feature packed with on-screen functionality and supports a range of optional accessories.

MiCloud 6869 Cloud Phone

Mitel Micloud 6869 SIP Phone

The Mitel 6869 SIP phone is a fully featured desktop for the premium user. If you’d like a full colour LCD display, plenty of programmable buttons for features and numbers then this model is for you.

MiCloud 6867 Cloud Phone

Mitel MiCloud 6867 SIP Phone

The Mitel 6867 SIP phone is priced perfectly handset for the office or home worker. The full colour LCD screen offers lots of on-screen features and offers HD voice quality.

MiCloud 6865 Cloud Phone

Mitel MiCloud 6865 SIP Phone

The Mitel 6865 SIP phone is ideal for the casual office worker. It’s a superb alternative to the full colour models and still offers full feature access for MiCloud Office users.

MiCloud 6863 Cloud Phone

Mitel MiCloud 6863 SIP Phone

The Mitel 6863 SIP phone is the entry model handset for occasional use. Its an ideal phone for retail environments, hotels and receptions (for visitor use). This is the lowest cost desktop cloud phone in the MiCloud Office phone range.

MiCloud Smart Phone App

Mitel MiCloud Smart Phone App

The MiCloud Office smart phone app is available to Premium license users and enables full unified communications (UC) on your Android or Apple iOS smart phone device.

MiCloud Tablet App

Mitel MiCloud Tablet App

Available from the Apple App Store, you can download the MiCloud Office iPad app and use it just like the smart phone app. Available to Premium edition users.

MiCloud Soft Phone

Mitel MiCloud Soft Phone

One of our favourite apps is the MiCloud Office Soft Phone, it offers a wide range of features to improve your phone experience. Available on Windows PC/Laptop and iMac/MacBook.

MiCloud Conference Unit

Mitel MiCloud Conference Unit

Do you need a meeting room conference unit? The MiVoice Conference unit is an ideal addition with 16 built-in microphones and superior audio quality. Built using an Android operating system, its feature packed.

MiCloud Attendant

Mitel MiCloud Attendant

The MiCloud Attendant is an optional license and built into the MiCloud client software app for PC and Mac. Simply enable the license and your client software turns instantly into a reception console for busy Operators.

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